Welcome to NSF Geophysicists in Haiti Blog

We are Eric Calais, Purdue professor and project leader; Andy Freed, Purdue professor; D. Sarah Stamps, Purdue NSF graduate fellow; Glen Mattioli, U. of Arkansas professor; and Estelle Chaussard, U. of Miami PhD graduate student. We are conducting a GPS survey of Haiti to measure ground deformation following the Jan 12 earthquake. These measurements will help us understand important characteristics of how the fault slipped and to track how the crust is continuing to deform after the earthquake. This research will help us understand how seismic hazards are evolving on several active faults in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. We will blog whenever we can find an internet connection in Haiti to describe our experiences – stay tuned…..

Sarah and Andy

D. Sarah Stamps and Andy Freed in a flight simulator at Aeroservice - the generous company based out of Miami that is assisting in providing transportation of our GPS equipment and our noble leader Eric Calais directly to Port-au-Prince.



  1. JIm Said:

    Safe travels!

  2. Tabrez Said:

    This blog is great idea. Good luck!

  3. haitigps Said:

    Thank you for your note. We enlist the help of local Haitians in many aspects of our work. We could not do this work without generous support from the people who live in the regions we visit, and the Haitians have always been very supportive of this research.

    • Carolyn Dorleon Said:

      Much respect then to you, and the fact that you don’t just swoop in makes a huge difference.

      Thankyou for involving us in your work, thankyou.

      You are just 1 team but it makes a huge difference. Positively.

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