Day 3: 2nd day in Santo Domingo

Today was spent working the phones and computers to continue to work out the logistics of getting us and our equipment to Port-au-Prince.  Plans remain pretty fluid right now, but it looks likely (fingers crossed) that Eric and the equipment will make it in from Miami tomorrow.  We are now looking at a getting the rest of us on a cargo plane from a small airport north of Santo Domingo for ourselves.  Our hotel manager is also making some phone calls to hook us up with a car and driver – this is no expedition!  We also spent the day testing equipment and buying maps. We are anxious to get going.  We were contacted today by Habitat for Humanity to see if we might be able to help coordinate discussions between their Haitian operation and our geoscience community regarding seismic hazards and future building plans in Haiti. We are, of course, eager to help initiate such discussions.


We captured this picture of children of Santo Domingo while testing our satellite phones.



  1. Rico Said:

    I’d love for your team to comment on the widespread thoughts on whether this is a possible conspiracy. Please check out this video:

    One of my good friends mother is in Haiti and she strongly believes this was caused on purpose…that things didn’t just seem normal.

  2. Jerry Cook Said:


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