Day 3: update

Great news!

Eric will be arriving in Port-au-Prince in the wee hours of the morning accompanying the equipment. The plan for us is still debated, but we may begin the journey via car early tomorrow morning. Thanks so much to hotel manager Samuel Jose of Mercure Comercial Santo Domingo for helping us with the travel arrangements. Since we don’t want to travel at night, we’ll most likely stay over in Jimani (a city at the border of Haiti and DR).

From here on out we expect internet connections to be quite limited, but we’ll do our best to keep this blog up-to-date.


Further update (11:32 pm local time). Glen discussed the on-ground situation in PaP with the captain of the Fairfax County Search and Rescue who has just returned and is headed back to the US. The situation in the PaP area is difficult; we must bring in all our provisions (food & water) and ground transportation in the city is at a crawl. We’ll know more when we speak with Eric in the morning once he is on the ground and has hooked up with Haitian colleagues who are planning to meet him at the airport. But it looks that we will likely not head out in the morning, perhaps flying in on Friday (we think we have found a carrier who can take us), and perhaps after securing provisions here.  More in the morning.




  1. Jeremy Said:

    That is excellent news. I wish you a safe and excellent journey.

  2. John Msemwa Said:

    I wish you all the best and take care.

  3. JIm Said:

    I am happy to hear Eric finally made it to PaP. Best wishes for a successful field campaign.


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