Day 8: Rough roads in the country side

Sarah and Andy continue to have a busy time in the north.  This morning Sarah found the GONA monument after we swept clean most of the roof on the old Police station (we had searched for about 2 hours as we did not have a drawing of its location on the roof from the last time it was surveyed).

Station GONA installed on the roof of an abandoned police station in Gonaives. Note the sand bag bunker in the background. This was built by the US Army a few years back when they were helping with security of the Haitian president who was giving a speech in the courtyard below.

After installing GONA, we headed back south again to check on DESS in Desdune, which appeared to not be recording, so good thing we checked, and then back up to Gros Morne to check on GROS, which was working fine.  Though that last sentence was pretty easy to write, it involved about 5 hours on the worst dirt roads – actually dirt may have been nice and soft, these rocky roads beat up both rider and vehicle. We lost the rear bumper from the truck somewhere – it just broke off!  I blame Sarah who is such the consumate professional in the field that nothing is left to chance, which is why we checked everything today and were able to discover GONA’s problem and fix it. Tomorrow we remove GONA and GROS and head further north to install 2 new stations.  We are told the roads only get worse.  😦



  1. Jeremy Said:

    How many GPS units are there throughout Haiti? What is the length of the distance that they cover. Glad to hear things are adventurous

    • haitigps Said:


      We have 13 portable GPS kits: 10 Trimble R7 receivers from UNAVCO and 3 Trimble 5700 receivers from RSMAS, all equipped with Trimble Zephyr antennae. Six continuous sites will also be installed in the next couple of weeks. These will be comprised of Trimble NetRS units and Zephyr antennae, all donated by Trimble, USA.


  2. Karim Aoudia Said:

    Hi Eric and Sarah. It’s Karim Aoudia here (ICTP Trieste).
    I have sent an e-mail to you guys specifying how ICTP can help Haiti. If you feel that a specific action on a short term is required please let me know. Good luck with your work.

  3. agustin esteva Said:

    keep on with the good job, very interested in your investiguation as a dominican concern in the seismic hazard of our country

  4. Bellzie Said:

    This is a quote from a haitian paper called le “nouvelliste” claiming your team is prediciting a stronger earthquake than the one on january 12: « Le séisme du 12 janvier pourrait être le petit coup de pouce capable de déclencher un autre tremblement de terre », a estimé Eric Calais, professeur de géophysique à l’Université de Purdue dans l’Indiana. Is this true?

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