Nouvelles de Port-au-Prince

Lots going on this week in the PaP area… As Glen and Estelle mentioned below, we had a serious technical problem with the receivers. Not recording data is **not** an option here… Things are back in order thanks to efficient and patient help from Jim Normandeau at UNAVCO.

On the field work side, we have now surveyed Delmas, Leogane (hit very hard by the quake…), Dufort (on the fault…), Petionville (where I am staying), and Kenscoff (in the mountains south of PaP). We will be moving receivers around this week-end to survey Thomassin, Bon Repos, and Tomazeau.

Much of my time — and most of my energy — this week was spent interacting with colleagues, collaborators, and officials in PaP. The media have been very present as well, to say the least. I have been helping the UN support the Haitian government and met with President Preval, the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Environment. A positive outcome of this is the press conference given this morning by the government of Haiti to inform the population about the earthquake situation, explain that the aftershock sequence, and inform about earthquake threat and safety in general. This was followed by a broad audience presentation we were invited to deliver for AGERCA (Alliance pour la GEstion des Risques et la Continuite des Activites, with my colleagues Claude Prepetit and Dieuseul Anglade from the Bureau of Mines and Energy. AGERCA is presided by G. Laborde from Voila, who has provided terrific support to my activities in PaP. Another high-level briefing is planned for tomorrow…

I am exhausted, it is very difficult to manage the field work, media, and support activities all at once. But it gives me a chance to reach beyond what I usually do as a scientist.

Most importantly, it has been great spending time with my friends Roberte, Hildegonde, and Elliot. All have suffered from the earthquake but are still full of energy.



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  1. Bellzie Said:

    Merci! Particulierement pour votre intervention a Radio Metropole pour re-expliquer vos propos sur les risques sismiques dans le futur, propos qui avaient ete deformes par les media et crees la panique chez nous… Merci pour votre patience et bonne continuation!

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